Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The 2017-2018 new prof open thread

From the inbox, a request for an open thread on new PI startups, etc. I hereby announce this open thread. Enjoy.

From 2016, I wanted to note this request on Twitter from Julia Kalow on good literature to read in preparation for running a new laboratory that generated a lot of good responses, including this small list of "new assistant prof lit":
From 2013, a good thread at ChemBark from 2013 talking about new laboratory setup, deals and pitfalls.

C&EN survey by Lisa Jarvis, talking about startup package size. Also, the private C&EN Facebook group about for new chemistry professors. Also, the 2016 open thread here about this subject.

Best wishes to all new assistant professors and Godspeed.


  1. Will Dichtel and Yogi Surendranath did a Reddit AMA on this topic a few years ago:

  2. So here are a few resources I've found others might find useful:

    VWRs new lab program:;jsessionid=ggx7bwOKmlewbb6bGCMlKJ0I.estore7a?path=/en_US/furniture_vwr_new_lab_set_up.jsp

    ThermoFisher New Lab Program:

    Fisher Scientific New Lab Program:

    Not all of them are fantastic discounts, but some of them are pretty substantial, especially if you're buying a lot of stuff.

    1. Thorlabs has a new lab discount as well (

  3. The Thermo Fisher basic Cimarec hotplate stirrer are pretty economical, but the dial construction is rather poor. My undergrad found out that when the dial went past the stop point with a bit of an effort (athlete with strong arms), it would heat at full power. So use with caution.
    I also have a love/hate relationship with gloveboxes from Inert Technology.