Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chemjobber gets results?

So A12:17 (of 7/22 DPT fame) notes something interesting -- all the jobs linked in my rather hot-headed rant of the other day have been "closed." Coincidence? I dunno.

So while we're at it, let me point out another recent position that is rather odd and listed by the brainiacs at Kelly Scientific. How would you, chemist, like to be a "Client Service Representative" where the employee "talks to doctor offices... and notifies clients of abnormal or repeat test results." What the heck kind of doctor's office has outsources the notification of abnormal test results?!?

That sounds like fun -- do you think being a TA in grad school gives you experience with that sort of thing? "Um, I'm sorry to tell you this, but this NMR of your lab product shows that well, um, it's crap." (Okay, maybe I don't have the greatest bedside manner.)

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