Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 7/31/09 edition

Good morning! Since July 28 until July 31, there have been 24 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Lots of jobs for mid-career professionals for these past 3 days.

Drugs: Baxter is looking for an analytical chemist for their pharmaceutical division, looks like. Ph.D., M.S. with 3-5 yrs in, or B.S. with 5-7 years in. I'm guessing this is a reasonably stable job.

Pools: Arch Chemicals is looking for an inorganic or physical chemist (Ph.D. or equivalent with 5-10 years exp.) to work on products for municipal pools.

Dough: The folks at Kelly Scientific are looking for someone in Dallas, TX to work on dough technology. They want either a food scientist or a chemical engineer. (Not much experience required, I think.) Look, dude, if you can reproduce Pizza Hut's crust on multi-ton scale, you should take this job. Heck, I'll pay you to. (Full disclosure: I don't eat Pizza Hut that much.)

Back to drugs: CoNCERT Pharmaceuticals (dunno what happened to the "o") is looking for an analytical chemist for their CMC division. Ph.D. with +2 years experience, Boston area.

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