Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daily Pump Trap: 8/4/10 edition

Good morning! From July 30 to August 3rd, there were 67 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of those, 14 (21%) are academically connected and 1 is from our friends at Kelly Scientific Resources.

Strong: Maybe I'm crazy, but there's good bit of recruiting going on right now. Of course, some of this is connected to the upcoming Fall ACS meeting.

A balm: Gilead Sciences, Inc. has been recruiting strongly over the lifetime of this blog. I don't know why or whether all of this is just a "fishing expedition." Nevertheless, they posted 11 positions on July 31st, including a position for a B.S./M.S. medicinal chemist (experience desired unknown.)

Um, thanks, I think: BASF is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. research scientist with a degree in "insect physiology, invertebrate toxicology or mode of action research." Yeah, the ACS Careers database is the perfect place for that.

Ohio by way of Tennessee: The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is looking for a M.S. chemist to perform research into inhalation exposure at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Space!: The Aerospace Corporation (sounds ominous, doesn't it?) is looking for a Ph.D. computation materials chemist to work on nanomaterials.

Hmm...: Spectrix Analytical Services is looking for B.S./M.S. analytical chemists to perform contract on-site analysis and separations of drug discovery compounds in Connecticut and New Jersey. Gee, I didn't know that your analytical team was another place where you could outsource -- seems like a bad idea to me.

Plastics!: Cognis Corporation is looking for a Ph.D. R&D manager with 10+ years experience in the manufacture of dimers, trimers and polyamides. Sounds interesting.

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