Friday, October 19, 2018

An unusual ad

What an iconic poster, I still love it.
Credit: IMDB
From my searching, this interesting product manager position for Transcriptic (emphasis mine): 
We’re looking for a talented, ambitious Product Manager to join our team at Transcriptic. We are a highly technology focused company changing drug discovery using robotics, computation, and large datasets. 
As a product manager at Transcriptic you will have a significant role in defining the vision for the future of drug discovery and the life sciences. You will collaborate closely with our users and our collaborators to understand product requirements based on analytics, interviews, and research. You will then work with our internal team of automation engineers, software engineers, chemists and designers to design and develop products which meet these requirements. 
 That's impressive. I thought this was cute:
Nice to have 
Experience in visual design
Exposure to lab automation
Deep knowledge of Back to the Future trilogy
 That's heavy.


  1. How about "A lack of critical thinking and high tolerance for hype is required"

  2. "Like to wear black turtleneck sweaters."

  3. From the website: "Prior to founding Transcriptic, he [Max Hodak, the founder] co-founded and was CEO of MyFit, a company that designed software to forecast the likelihood of college acceptances for high school students."

    Lord, have mercy!

  4. Starring Crispin Glover, who genuinely seems to have mastered time travel in order to play a faithful supporting role in any era or genre.

  5. "Biology research will shift from requiring a million dollar lab and painstaking hours working by hand to something done through a laptop from Starbucks," Mr. Hodak explained.

    1. Huh? Is this a real quote? If so, a) I didn't think Starbucks sold laptops, and b) $1M for a lab might be cheap. If they're serious, at minimum don't you need to know all of the basic rules to be able to predict outcomes in biology? I'm pretty sure that's not the case - that people don't even know all that they don't know yet.

      This sounds like a bad way to lose money for some investors.

    2. I would like to see this idea fail, purely because people who buy a coffee and then sit for another 4 hours taking up an entire table in a cafe to use their laptop are a burden on society.

  6. I used to work with a few alumni of a failed early 2000's biotech startup. They admitted to me that the whole thing was a borderline scam, the owner was very good at writing grant proposals, and they mostly played computer games all day long.


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