Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Postdoctoral position: Sletten Group, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Postdoctoral Associate Position in Chemical Biology
Sletten Group, University of California, Los Angeles
Project Description: We have a position available to work at the interface of chemistry and biology to develop new tools to probe biomolecules, with ultimate implications in the detection and treatment of disease. Specific project details will be tailored to the skillsets and interests of the postdoctoral associate. 
Qualifications: This position is for a postdoctoral associate and applicants must have a PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biomedical Engineering or other similar degree by the agreed upon start date of the position. A track record of critical thinking and solving complex problems with a high degree of scientific rigor is the most important qualification. Preference will be give to candidates with a strong synthetic chemistry background as most projects within the group begin with organic synthesis. However, expertise in macromolecules, organic nanomaterials, microscopy and animal imaging are relevant to the group and applications in these areas are also encouraged. 
How to Apply: To apply, please send a cover letter, cv, and research summary to Prof. Sletten (Sletten@chem.ucla.edu). The position will remain open until filled. It is available immediately but start dates are open for discussion with Prof. Sletten.
Full ad here. Best wishes to those interested. 


  1. Does anyone else feel like positions this general are a warning sign? I wonder how the average advertised PDF position compares with the larger unadvertised cohort.

  2. I don't think it's a coincidence re: the larger unadvertised cohort that the vast majority of ads for postdoctoral positions that are sent to me fall in two buckets:

    1. new assistant professors
    2. positions in core facilities, etc

    I think this position falls under bucket 1.

  3. I would also think that this would be a pretty awesome postdoc position in a great young group. Advertising a position like this allows for a broader and more diverse pool of applicants than just contacting your friends and asking for their best senior graduate students.


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