Friday, December 21, 2018

The 2017 Survey of Earned Doctorates is out

The 2017 Survey of Earned Doctorates is out. Here's the data on graduates in the 2017 academic year and their post-graduation plans. I've taken a screenshot, here's the data in PDF and Excel format.

A quick look indicates that the percentage of respondents who have definite employment plans is up 4% from 2016 (29% from 25%). The percentage of respondents who have no definite plans has decreased by a similar percentage.

Also of interest is the overall median basic salaries of new chemistry Ph.D. graduates who are not postdoctoral fellows (PDF):

Academia: 50,000
Industry: 93,000
Government: 65,333
Nonprofit: 75,000
Other: 50,000


  1. Salary in industry seems high and government seems low.

  2. Repost after the government shutdown is over so we can access the links please?

    1. Links to PDFs:


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