Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Periodic Bagel: Alex Goldberg and Chemjobber, guest: Lisa Jarvis

Launching today is the inaugural podcast of The Periodic Bagel, with guest Lisa Jarvis of Chemical and Engineering News. Lisa speaks to us about her recent KRas cover story in C&EN as well as her strong feelings about candy corn.

Alex has done an amazing amount of work in a very fast period of time, and I am really grateful that it has turned out as well as it has. Please take a listen.

You can't subscribe to us on iTunes yet, but here's our RSS feed.

Please feel free to add comments and suggestions for guests and topics in the comments. 


  1. Is there a way to listen/subscribe through iTunes, or am I going to have to download another app (spotify)?

  2. We're still waiting to be listed by iTunes and other platforms, but in the meantime, you can subscribe directly by using our RSS feed URL:

    There should be a place for you to enter that in whichever platform you normally use

  3. Great job everyone, can't wait for the next one!

  4. FYI - it's now on Apple Podcasts/iTunes!


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