Wednesday, October 13, 2021

BLS: quits up dramatically

Via the New York Times: 
As the economy struggles to get back on track amid the pandemic, businesses are struggling to find employees — and workers are discovering that they have leverage.

Nearly 4.3 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs in August, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That was up from four million in July and is by far the most in the two decades the government has been keeping track.

The explosion of quitting is the latest evidence that the balance of power in the labor market has swung toward workers, at least temporarily. Average hourly earnings have surged in recent months, particularly for the lowest-paid workers, and yet many businesses report they are still having difficulty finding workers.
Anyone out there quitting their jobs in the chemical or pharma industry? What are things like right now? 


  1. I'd also be interested in anyone who might consider quitting academia. No joke, I find myself in that position right now.

    1. Same. Started in 2020, was hoping I'd start enjoying the job more as things opened up, but find myself even more drained, even less appreciated, spread even thinner. We did not even get a cost of living increase in our salaries. I've been looking at industry jobs, but honestly, at this point, I just want to take a deep break and no work for anybody for a minute. Looking to learn more about how to start a business eventually so that I can quit academia.

  2. I hope the CRO evil bosses will now get the taste of their own medicine. I never forget the "job interview" I got at Scynexis.

  3. I have a friend in grad school whos kind of struggling to find a position; maybe CROs are having a hard time retaining people with their pathetic $15/hr HPLC operator wages, big pharmas dont sound they are losing talent from my anecdotal experience.


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