Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Professors List and MacMillan win Chemistry Nobel for organocatalysis

From the New York Times: 
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded on Wednesday to Benjamin List and David W.C. MacMillan for their development of a new tool to build molecules, work that has spurred advances in pharmaceutical research and lessened the impact of chemistry on the environment.

Their work, while unseen by consumers, is an essential part in many leading industries and is crucial for research.
The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has gone to Benjamin List of the Max Planck Institute for Kohlenforschung, and David W. C. MacMillan of Princeton University for the discovery of asymmetric organocatalysis. Asymmetric organocatalysis uses small organic molecules as catalysts instead of traditional catalysts such as enzymes or metals. These molecules are able to catalyze reactions to selectively form one enantiomer of a particular compound—meaning one version of two mirror-image molecules.

Best wishes to Professors List and MacMillan.  

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