Monday, June 13, 2022

Bloomberg: CSB chair Lemos quits

Via Bloomberg: 
The head of a federal safety agency that investigates major industrial accidents has submitted her resignation, according to a letter seen by Bloomberg.

Katherine Lemos’s departure would leave the five-person US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board with two members, though the White House said this week it would nominate Catherine J.K. Sandoval, a professor at California’s Santa Clara University, to the board.

The turmoil at the Chemical Safety Board is, by now, not really news, but the fact that it keeps happening, across three presidential administrations tends to indicate there's something strange going on there...  


  1. The CSB won't get involved in any incident with no fatalities. I worked for a company that had a bad incident, should have been multiple fatalities but no one was hurt only because we were insanely lucky. Our EHS guy reached out to the CSB, and they refused to participate in the investigation because they're spread too thin and no one died in this incident.

  2. Le conseil d'administration a du mal à répondre à la forte demande de ses fonctions, ce qui laisse le conseil d'administration dans une situation difficile. Il sera intéressant de voir ce qui se passera ensuite. Je suis convaincu qu'ils trouveront la bonne personne pour la remplacer et que les choses devraient revenir à la normale assez rapidement.

    1. on topic spam, I'll allow it. - CJ


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