Monday, May 8, 2023

Boston Globe: PCI Synthesis shut down by city of Newburyport, MA until investigation is complete

Via the Boston Globe, this update: 

Authorities continued their investigation Sunday into the cause of an explosion at a pharmaceutical plant in Newburyport last week which killed one worker, sent four other employees to the hospital, and triggered a massive response by state and federal agencies.

The early morning blast Thursday at the PCI Synthesis facility was powerful enough to shake nearby homes, and blow a large industrial vat through the building’s roof and land about 30 feet away in a parking lot, officials have said.

Newburyport Mayor Sean Reardon said in an e-mail Sunday night that officials hope to demolish the part of the building damaged by the blast by the end of Monday.

Reardon will order the plant shut down until investigators determine a cause for the blast.

Also, from WCVB, this comment: 

On Saturday, a man who previously worked at the Seqens chemical plant but asked not to be publicly identified said he could no longer tolerate the unsafe working conditions.

"So many times, there was stupid negligence on the management side of things," the man said. "It was an unsafe place to be and I left."

"I hope they have an interview to find out what went wrong, that it never happens again and that site never opens again," the worker said. 

It's hard to imagine how this plant reopens without a significant management change. Best wishes to the families of the victims. 

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