Friday, December 19, 2008

Chemjobber C&EN index: 12/15/08

New issue of C&EN, more not-so-great news. (Maybe it's the holiday break?)

Industrial (non-academic, non-governmental) positions:
Total number of ads: 0
- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 0
- Area (square cm): 0

Governmental positions:
Total number of ads: 1
- Permanent positions: 0 (analytical)
- Postdocs: 1 (LANL, organometallic?)
- Area (square cm): 30.8

Academic positions:
Total number of ads: 7
- Postdocs: 0
- Tenure-track faculty: 5
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions: 2
- Staff positions: 1
- Area (square cm): 373.6

While there are exactly ZERO positions for industry, it is either the last or one of the last issues for the year. The academic section has another fun regional school (University of North Carolina at Pembroke, student population 6303, SA-LUTE!) and one of our era's interesting innovations*, the US school with a Middle East branch, New York University Abu Dhabi. If you're looking for a faculty position in science, NYU Abu Dhabi may be for you. (I'm guessing that with the drop in oil prices, the endowment may be a little in trouble. Who knows?)

*Okay, so the American University in Lebanon may have been around for awhile.

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