Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chemjobber C&EN Index: 1/25/10

Industrial positions (non-academic, non-governmental):
Total number of ads: 1
- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 8++

- Ratio of US/non-US: 8++/0
Area: 153
Week to week Index trend: Up.

Governmental positions (US, international):
Total number of ads: 0

- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 0

- Ratio of US/non-US: 0/0
Area: 0
Week to week Index trend: Flat.

Academic positions:Total number of ads: 13
- Postdocs: 2
- Tenure-track faculty: 8+

- Temporary faculty: 7
- Lecturer positions: 0
- Staff positions: 0
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 15/2+

- Area (square cm): 805
Week to week Index trend: Up

One is the loneliest number: This particular week, only Millenium was looking. They're always looking, aren't they? This time, it's for clinical folks. Good luck to them. 

Oi!: The University of Campinas is looking for Ph.D. holders in the chemical sciences to be professors. Don't know why this ad caught my eye, but I think it might be the tag that "Brazil is a fast developing country. Be part of the progress. Come work with us." Direct - I like it. Sounds like an interesting time for some enterprising professor...

Temps galore: Pomona College, Colby College, Lafayette College and Bates College all have open one year positions for visiting/temporary assistant professors. Good luck!

Small college of the week: The University of Tampa (Tampa (duh), FL, student population: 6,291 - SA-LUTE!) is looking for assistant professors in inorganic chemistry and organic/forensic(?) chemistry. Sounds like fun - wanna be a Spartan?

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