Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily/Weekly Pump Trap: 8/17/2010 edition

Good morning! From August 6 until August 16, there were 165 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 23 (14%) of these are academically connected.

Wow: I could be wrong, but this is the heaviest slug of industrial jobs I've seen in a while -- nice to see.

3M: Nice to see some larger companies looking for multiple positions; 3M has 4 positions available, including a senior scientist position for a Ph.D. polymer chemist with experience with free-radical polymerizations. "Expertise in emulsion/suspension polymerizations and processes" is also desired, as well as systematic problem solving skills.

Vertex: Once again, Vertex is hiring. Among others, they're looking for an experienced Ph.D. analytical chemist with experience in the pharmaceutical industry for QbD and CMC work.

FMC: They are looking for a Ph.D. chemist to be "the expert on metabolism chemistry and environmental fate of agroproducts in a global S&P 500 leader". You "will have a PhD in an appropriate chemical or biochemical discipline and significant experience in pesticide metabolism and/or environmental fate, with hands-on experience in a residue lab, preferably in an industry setting and ideally in agriculture." How many people in this country have this experience? 50? 100?

The most desirable position in chemistry?: The Australian Wine Research Institute is looking for Ph.D. organic chemists to perform "research... to establish the identity, formation and fate of volatile and non-volatile compounds that play key roles in sensory attributes and stability of wine, and develop the scientific framework for improvements to viticultural and winemaking practices."

Hmmm: WuXi AppTec is looking for a Ph.D. fluorine chemist to be their "Leader of Fluorine Chemistry Centre." I find it mildly interesting and distressing that WuXi is setting up internal research institutes while they seem to be going by the wayside in the US and Europe.

Broader look: Searches for "chemist" on Monster, Careerbuilder and Indeed.com show (respectively) 309 (down from 8/5), 647 (up) and 1,773 (down) positions.

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