Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 4/26/11 edition, SAO version

A guest post from the kind and funny See Arr Oh (thanks, SAO! -- CJ):

Good morning!  From April 21-25, there were 41 new jobs posted on ACS Careers.  Of these 9 (22%) are academically connected, 1 (2%) from Kelly Scientific, and a whopping 20 (49%) from our friends at 
MEEEEEEEERCK!   Any chemists in the audience want to be a Machine Operator in Miami?  Perhaps a Customer Representative in Texas, or a Finance Analyst II in New Jersey?

Speaking of Jersey…Plenty of options for the Greater NY / NJ area this week: BASF is hiring an Analytical Ph.D. in Tarrytown; Anichem, a CRO in New Brunswick, offers a synthetic BS / MS position; and CUNY-Brooklyn wants a computer scientist with possible interests in nanotechnology.

Nothing Could be Finer: Tons of opportunities south of the Mason-Dixon: Imerys (GA), Xavier U. and DuPont (LA), U of Kentucky (KY), Unimin and Novan (NC), and Coastal Carolina University (SC) are all hiring.

Further Afield:  The IISC in Bangalore, India is looking for a physical chemist to study soft matter, energy, and polymers.  Are you a “visionary thinker/innovator” who is fluent in Mandarin and English?  Consider applying to be a scientific director at ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd.  If synthetic organic is your passion, maybe try being a postdoc in Warsaw, Poland or Liverpool, England.

Or Maybe Politics is Your Thing?  The American Chemistry Council,  a 139-year-old lobbying group based in Washington, D.C., is searching for a Senior Economist / Director, whose responsibilities might include “developing specific information and materials to support the social, technological and economic benefits of the products of chemistry.”  Time to dust off that MBA…

See Arr Oh is a Ph.D. organic chemist in industry.


  1. I'm probably in the minority, but I wouldn't object to operating machinery to live in Miami.

  2. @J-bone: Tried it for a little while....couldn't take the heat! Good fresh seafood, though.

  3. Miami: Heat is not a problem; rich inconsiderate New York expats (who do not know how to drive) are the real scourge here - they scare me more than the Colombians. And the traffic jams suck/

  4. couldn't take the heat!

    Why, are you the Sixers? Ha ha, I'm very proud of that one.


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