Friday, May 6, 2011

The boss is always right, right?

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the 2 rules of dealing with the boss:

Rule 1: The boss is always right.
Rule 2: If the boss is wrong, check Rule 1.

I suggest a few more rules:

Rule 3: If the boss is wrong, you should check again.
Rule 4: If the boss is wrong, the instrument should be recalibrated.
Rule 5: If the boss is wrong, perhaps you can't find his cell phone number to tell him.
Rule 6: If the boss is wrong, maybe you heard wrong.
Rule 7: If the boss is wrong, perhaps the literature is wrong.
Rule 8: If the boss is wrong, we should all look at our shoes.
Rule 9: If the boss is wrong, we should admire the boss' creativity in aligning energetic paradigms!
Rule 10: (Use with great care) If the boss is wrong, we should tell the boss.


  1. Rule 10 does not sound quite right - I think it should be like this:

    If the boss is wrong, find somebody else to tell him that. And see the boss in private to denounce that other guy for being so negative and arrogant.

  2. In Evelyn Waugh's must-read novel Scoop, the boss is often wrong, but one character has perfected responses to his boss, Lord Copper:

    When the boss is right: "Definitely, Lord Copper."

    When the boss is wrong: 'Up to a point, Lord Copper."

  3. I like the word "splunge," from the Monty Python sketch. It means "it's a great idea, possibly not, and I'm not being indecisive." That way, you're not a yes-man, and you're not too negative.

  4. Rule 11: Stop being an asshole boss, and listen to the people that work for you. They are trying to save you a lot of trouble!


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