Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 8/9/11 edition

Good morning! Between August 4 and August 8, there were 40 new positions. Of these, 16 (20%) are academically connected.

Denver ACS: 45 positions for the career fair, 0 for the Virtual Career Fair.

Workin' for the man (Big Oil edition): Chevron is looking for 2 B,S. chemists for their El Segundo, CA facility; instrumentation experience desired.

Workin' for the man (Fed edition): ITT Corporation is looking for chemists to serve as QA/QC chemists and subject matter experts for CBRNE issues. Defense contracting -- always an option, it seems. (You might work a little overseas, looks like.)

Do you get a green glowing ring with it?: DuPont is looking for a M.S. chemist to serve as uh, well, you read it: "The work involved will include both laboratory and field analytical instrumentation. The individual will serve as the Technology Guardian of the three Manufacturing Labs as well as Technology Guardian of the process analytical instruments for the operating areas." How much willpower do you need?

I guess you're looking for German speakers?: "Trainee-Programm für Ingenieure (m/w): Idealerweise verfügen Sie über: - ein mit hervorragenden Ergebnissen abgeschlossenes Studium der  Ingenieurwissenschaften - nicht mehr als 2 Jahre Berufserfahrung - erste Auslandserfahrung und/oder relevante Berufspraktika - sehr gute Englischkenntnisse - ein hohes Maß an Eigeninitiative und ein Streben nach Qualität - eine kunden- und lösungsorientierte Arbeits- und Denkweise - Teamführungskompetenz und Einfühlungsvermögen - ausgeprägte Teamfähigkeit." Yeah, that.

Anaheim Hills, CA: Danville Materials is looking for a Ph.D. polymer chemist with experience in medical devices. Pay looks alright (or not.)

Boron!: Aldrich is looking for a Ph.D. chemist with experience in synthetic organometallic and organoboron chemistry at its Sheboygan Falls, WI facility. Sounds like fun.

Lexington, MA: Cubist is looking for a B.S./M.S. medicinal chemist. Entry-level can apply, but experience preferred (isn't that always the case?)

Steelers fan?: ATRP Solutions (Pittsburgh, PA) is looking for a Ph.D. polymer chemist with "expertise in polymer synthesis; experience in controlled radical polymerization is strongly preferred."

The NMR guy: CSU-Long Beach is hiring an instrument technician. Most of the time, I wouldn't remark on it, but here's what they're willing to pay: "$4,053 TO $6,080 per month." Hmmmmm. 


  1. Amusingly enough the German ad is looking for "sehr gute Englischkenntnisse"... good knowledge of English.

  2. In brightest OLED and blackest coal tar,
    no workup shall escape my sight..

  3. This is my reactor, and I will defend it!

    I have a Six Sigma black belt on my stark white lab coat...ready for action!

  4. 6k a month is not that bad for NMR technician (means non-PhD) these days. I know a very competent service engineer with background in marine natural product structure elucidation and many years of hands-on experience, with MS degree, who makes 70-80k a year working for Bruker. He is travelling 4-5 days a week plus lots of overtime

  5. Fair enough, I suppose. SoCal isn't exactly low cost-of-living, though.

  6. Umlauts...so, so many umlauts...

  7. Ha! I knew it! Columbia's organic program was so silly to scrap the German language requirement. Reinstate German...it will make your graduates more marketable to the Organische Chemieindustrie. Who wants to make Pharmazeutische Erzeugnisse and Pflanzenbehandlungsmittel?

  8. I am a bit late, but the German position is for engineers, not for chemists :).


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