Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 11/1/11 edition

Good morning! Between October 27 and October 30, there were 85 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 35 (41%) were academically connected.

Start-up land: A confidential Silicon Valley start-up would like "an exceptional hands-on chemist, chemical engineer, or materials scientist experienced in inorganic chemistry with strong capabilities in precursor synthesis, thin-film sol gel, and/or transition metal oxide." M.S./Ph.D. desired with experience in electrochemistry and thin film characterization.

Work from home: Nerac is a Connecticut-based company; they're looking for M.S./Ph.D. scientists who wish to be, well, business consultants, I think. Working from home is okay.

Giveth and taketh away: Novartis (Bay Area) is looking to hire ten Ph.D. chemists to be medicinal chemistry investigators. 2+ years in the industry desired, 10 openings. 10 openings! Wow. What about the 2,000 folks in Switzerland?

MMMEEERRRCCCKKK: 43 positions posted (51%), including a position for "Chef, Comptabilité Générale", which I really hope translates to "Generally Compatible Chef." That's like mid-American fare, right? Or Tex-Mex? Everyone likes Tex-Mex.

You again: KaMin, LLC is back, this time looking for a B.S. chemical engineer. Paints and coatings experience desired; duties include technical presentations on kaolin. Fun!

We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own: GSK is advertising for something called the Esprit Programme. I did not make this up:
 If you think you are up to it then apply to req number 70535. 
Here's their description:
We are launching a new programme, an innovative scheme known as Esprit R&D. This programme offer’s the opportunity for high calibre chemists to join a multidisciplinary programme to gain a breadth of experience in researching and developing medicines, and therefore give a springboard to launch your career. 
ESPRIT R&D GSK’s new leadership development programme Esprit R&D can offer:- • An opportunity to apply your skills in an intellectually demanding and diverse environment with the primary aim of creating medicines of the future. • A three-year global accelerated programme with exposure to high profile assignments through global secondments. • A chance to expand and apply your chemistry knowledge across a range of drug development disciplines from discovery to commercialisation and business development. • Outstanding training and development opportunities.
Hmph. Don't know what I think of it. 


  1. Espirit Programme sounds like a postdoc or a temporary job so they don't have to lay you off later and if you're really good, maybe they'll hire you but probably not. It's probably a good way to get people into positions for a few years that have a termination date. I'm sure if they need more work, the 'Esperit Programme' will be extended. However, they do promise business development experience and as such it would be perfect for me before I start that MBA if it paid well. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available in my current country.

  2. Why the hell is Merck still spamming the ACS Careers Site with phantom openings? How asinine is the HR department? At least BASF has finally stopped recycling the TAP reactor position (hopefully because it was filled)!

  3. "Chef, Comptabilité Générale" appears to be the chief of general accounting.

  4. There will probably be a cluster#### of applicants for those Novartis positions in SF, given the layoffs at Roche, Exelixis, and Amgen. Perhaps they are open to interviewing pharma refugees from the East Coast and England?

  5. Yarrr, Captain -- I am capable of using Google Translate. But I will not let it get in the way of a bad joke.

  6. Espirit Programme = temporary workers to transfer knowledge to Asian countries and then be tossed aside?

    Hard to believe that those 'global secondments' would be anywhere but Asia.

  7. Guess my sarcasm meter wasn't awake this morning.


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