Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 5/14/13 edition

Good morning! Between May 7 and May 13, there were 9 academic positions posted on C&EN Jobs. The numbers:

Total number of ads: 9
- Postdocs: 1
- Tenure-track faculty:  5
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions:  2
- Staff positions:  1
- US/non-US: 7/2

Cleveland, MS: Delta State University is hiring an assistant/associate professor of biochemistry. (Wasn't there some sort of vaguely famous restaurant in that town? I saw it on CBS Sunday Morning a while back.)

Princess Anne, MD: The University of Maryland - Eastern Shore campus is hiring an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry.

Savannah, GA: Armstrong Atlantic State University is hiring an assistant professor of organic chemistry.

Saudi Arabia?: This little ad from the University of Akron is pretty fun:
University Innovation Ventures (UIV) in cooperation with The University of Akron Research Foundation is seeking highly qualified candidates with demonstrated leadership and elastomer teaching capabilities to instruct at a new world-class English-based vocational training institute in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The High Institute for Elastomer Industries (HIEI) opened in September 2012 training technologists to work in the nascent elastomer industry in Saudi Arabia: http://www.hiei.edu.sa/DefaultE.aspx.
 Sounds interesting, mostly. Might be an adventure...


  1. Not sure of any famous restaurants in Cleveland, but there are a few decent ones. An interesting job if one is up for the geography of living in the MS Delta. Having grown up there I can tell you that if you HAVE to live in the MS Delta Cleveland is as good of town to be in. Nice music scene and a lot of unique events going on with the college. I have no idea what the state of their Chem department is though. Doesn't look like they expect much research.

  2. It was something about some Chinese-American brothers running a soul food restaurant, or some other such vaguely fish-out-of-water story.

  3. Personally, I'd run far away from that position in Saudia Arabia. Unless you happen to be one of the many relatives of the royal family.

    I'd place it right around the atmosphere of Berlin 1942.

  4. My wife has vetoed any jobs in Saudi Arabia when I bring it up. Something about living in foreigners' compounds or having to wear burqas... It didn't make things better when I told her she looks good in black.


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