Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ivory Filter Flask: 1/7/14 edition

Trying to get something out out the door; morning is a little rough.

Northfield, MN: I see Carleton College is looking for a one-year VAP, and dangling "possible renewal for a second year at the Assistant Professor level starting September 1, 2014." Hmmmm.

Boca Raton, FL: Florida Atlantic University is looking for an assistant professor of physical or analytical chemistry "with research interests in biological and/or pharmaceutical applications."

Colorado Springs, CO: I see the United States Air Force Academy is looking for an assistant professor of organic chemistry. That'd be a fun one, I'll bet.

Shenzhen, China: The South University of Science and Technology is not quite two years old (founded April 2012), and they appear to be looking to hire some faculty: "invites applications for full-time faculty positions at the rank of tenure-track Associate or tenured Full professor in the area of Physical Chemistry (preferably molecular spectroscopy), Structural Chemistry (with profound expertise in X-ray crystallography), Chemical Biology (with an education in chemistry), and Analytical Chemistry (preferably NMR or Mass Spectroscopy)." Good luck! 


  1. Here's a link for the Carleton College position: https://jobs.carleton.edu/postings/1712

    My guess is they got a new tenure line but didn't make it in time to get all the "good candidates". It turns out chemistry is one of the fields in the PUI world where most TT jobs searches are done by January. Most other disciplines don't even do on-site interviews until the spring semester.

    1. Boy, I'm out of internet practice. Here is the link again, linkified: https://jobs.carleton.edu/postings/1712

    2. Thank you for noting that I forgot the link. Guess I'm out of internet practice too.


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