Friday, October 24, 2014

Anyone know the answer to this question on SDS format?

What do resellers or distributors of chemicals need to do, with respect to safety data sheets? Are there any rules (GHS or other) that say the SDS has to come from the company that physically made the solution? Do safety data sheets need to include the reseller/distributor's company information on the sheet, the actual manufacturer that makes the chemicals, and/or both? 

Answers accepted by e-mail or in the comments - thanks! 


  1. For the most part, the purchaser is required to keep an up to date SDS from the manufacturer, so I'd guess that the seller would need to provide that. For example, when I buy a chemical from VWR, I need the SDS from Alfa Aesar, or Matrix, or BDH, or whoever's name is on the label. I think there are also special requirements depending on the transportation method.

  2. For EU:

    (16): 'Responsibility for the identification of hazards of substances and mixtures and for deciding on their classification should mainly lie with manufacturers, importers and downstream users of those substances or mixtures [...] In fulfilling their responsibilities for classification, downstream users should be allowed to use the classification of a substance or mixture derived in accordance with this Regulation by an actor in the supply chain, provided that they do not change the composition of the substance or mixture.'

    which means IMHO that a reseller or distributer can just use the safety data sheet (which is just a communication tool) from the manufactor/producer but also can make his/her own.

    Safety data sheets: (Page 48+ and 115+ in the PDF)

    The guide (115+) says under 1.3. ('Company/undertaking identification'): 'Identify the person responsible for placing the substance or preparation on the market within the Community, whether it is the manufacturer, importer or distributor. Give the full address and telephone number of this person as well as the e-mail address of the competent person responsible for the
    Safety Data Sheet.'

    which means IMHO that only the second last one in the chain (who is also responsible) has to provide his/her data only.

  3. These are interesting points. Right now, I'm trying to identify the Primary and Secondary Fire Code Classes for specific substances which will be used by my future employer in California. So far, the website of the "California Environmental Reporting System" has a database which is either (a) very incomplete or (b) simply incorrect. Does anyone know where to get this sort of information?


  4. Well as you asking about the SDS (safety data sheet) here I want to inform you that it's a type’s data sheet about the mixture/chemical/products and their usages with Hazard Assessment approved by a standard authorization for distribute it to the retailers. You may know more about this SDS format and could get the service by some SDS service provider as like


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