Thursday, February 18, 2016

What is the price of HPLC acetonitrile?: 2/17/16 edition

Something that bothers me about spending on lab supplies is that it is very difficult to track the price of certain supplies. The amount of transparency is quite low; with that in mind, I plan to track the price of a 4X4L case of HPLC-grade acetonitrile weekly indefinitely as a public service.

I initially plan to look three places: the Sigma-Aldrich website, EMD-Millipore's site and also P212121, a site of Sean Seaver, a chemblogosphere stalwart.

Sigma-Aldrich (4X4L, HPLC grade, ≥99.9%, 34851-4X4L): $1,150
EMD-Millipore (1X4L, HPLC grade, 99.8% min (GC assay), AX0145-1): $288.00*
P212121 (4X4L, HPLC grade, Purity >99.9%, PA-30000HPLCCS4L): $135.00**

So it's been 3 weeks since the first time I posted, and prices remain flat. We shall see.

*I know that EMD-Millpore offers 4X4L cases, but I can't find them on their public websites.

**There's a minimum of 5 cases. 


  1. Try Pharmco-aaper...HPLC grade, 4X4L @ 147.00. And then where I work (University) you do not have to pay shipping charges if your total order is $ 150.00 or more! Good place to meet your solvent needs and have no complaints against them.

  2. why such a huge discrepancy in price between aldrich. have you used p212121 stuff?

  3. A site that might help you with this is It automatically sends you an email or posts to an RSS feed when a website changes (such as the price of a product). It also keeps a cache of each version of the website.

    I know there are also other services that do this, but I haven't used them.


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