Thursday, October 6, 2016

Job postings: Takeda, San Diego, CA

From the inbox, two positions at Takeda San Diego: 

Staff scientist, medicinal chemistry: Pretty standard looking position, willing to hire a B.S. (12 years experience), M.S. (10 years experience) or Ph.D. (0-3 years experience.)  

Computational medicinal chemist, DSRE: "PhD in organic synthetic chemistry is desired although will also consider computational chemistry, biochemistry or related discipline with demonstrable understanding of medicinal and/or organic chemistry."

Best wishes to those interested.  


  1. Ouch.

    Didn't Takeda SD just lay off a bunch of PhDs? Oh, those likely had > 0-3 yrs experience....

  2. top link doesn't seem to work any more - guess the filled the position already

  3. Interesting that you're posting about these now - I applied to both of them last month.