Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ivory Filter Flask: 6/20/17 edition

A few of the academic positions posted at C&EN Jobs:

Austin, TX: The University of Texas - Austin is looking for two assistant professor positions. "Preference will be given to candidates who interest is primarily in chemical biology and synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry, physical aspects of materials and electrochemistry as applied to complex chemical systems, bioanalytical and materials chemistry, and in-situ analysis."

Richmond, VA: Virginia Commonwealth University is searching for two assistant professor positions in organic chemistry.

Education City, Doha, Qatar: Carnegie Mellon University - Qatar is looking for a teaching track position.

Utica, NY: Utica College is looking for a one-year visiting assistant professor position. 

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  1. I wonder how the current political climate in Qatar will affect the candidate's interest in that position. Will also require working in the Pittsburgh campus during Fall 2017 - non-US citizens may face an awkward visa situation.


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