Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ivory Filter Flask: 7/20/17 edition

A few of the academic positions posted at C&EN Jobs:

Philadelphia, PA: The School of Medicine is searching for an assistant professor of biochemistry and biophysics ("including but not limited to cryo-EM, advanced imaging and spectroscopic methods, proteomics/ metabolomics, chemical biology, and other biophysical or computational approaches as applied to biomedical research.")

Davis, CA: University of California - Davis is looking for an assistant or associate professor of NMR spectroscopy.

Bellingham, WA: Western Washington University is hiring an assistant professor of organic chemistry.

Cambridge, MA: Harvard's Origins of Life Initiative is looking for postdocs.

Medford, MA: Tufts is looking for two synthetic postdocs.

Last minute professor: Touro College (New York, NY) is looking for an assistant/associate professor of organic chemistry for fall 2017. Chop-chop! 

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