Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This week's C&EN

A few of the articles from this week's issue of Chemical and Engineering News:


  1. Hey CJ, your GaN link is broken.

    1. also, it is Ga nitrate (nitride is a completely insoluble semiconductor). Ga nitrate is not completely innocuous, it is hard on kidneys and has very slow clearance. Ga salts and complexes were repeatedly developed as add-on therapy for cancer, but the development always stalled for some reason. Radioisotopically labeled Ga was also used for "Ga scan" - imaging of tumor mass, to reveal metastases. Ga also dampens immune response so it might be useful in wound healing, there was some company developing Ga-maltolate lotions but it did not catch on. A company I worked for inherited Ga quinolinate project - a really misguided one too, because orally administered Ga has problems with absorption from GI tract, and the complex was not stable enough to improve on the kidney problems. (It is actually much easier to give cancer patients an infusion of inorganic Ga salt once a month, rather than dose them with Ga oral drug.)

    2. I really gotta stop writing posts at night. Fixed, thanks.


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