Monday, November 19, 2018

‘My friend, sorry, you must wait.’

An amusing aside in a New York Times article about luxury brands and their supply chains: 
Parterre, the British fragrance house, created its own on-site botanical garden at Keyneston Mill in Dorset, England, to grow the aromatic plants that would form the cornerstone of its limited-edition fragrances. Much the same instinct underpins the rise of cottage gardens at high-end hotels like Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Italy. Its Michelin-starred restaurant relies primarily on the organic farm attached to the property, which includes a dairy and an apiary. 
“They are securing the sources of their competitive advantage,” said Mario Ortelli, a luxury analyst with Ortelli & Company of London. “If your supplier works with 10 other luxury brands, and you’re not the most important client? When you ask for extra quantities, he can tell you, ‘My friend, sorry, you must wait.’”
It'd be interesting to know if Parterre purchased its own extraction as well? 

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  1. They're just down the road from a bunch of my family so I'll try to pop in some time to find out. They run a workshop on distillation at Keyneston Mill, so I guess maybe they do some there.


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