Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Job postings: laboratory assistant positions, BioCellection, Menlo Park, CA

From the inbox, a laboratory assistant posting:
Job Summary 
We are seeking an experienced Laboratory Assistant to help us efficiently run our laboratory. This is a full-time position in Menlo Park, CA. We accept local applicants with the status for US employment. 
Typical Activities in the Job
  • Carry-out chemical reactions and processes (ie. reflux, pressure reactors, filtration, distillation, extractions, titration)
  • Sample preparation for analytics including GCMS/LCMS/IR and run methods following an SOP
  • Prepare reaction feedstocks
BS/MS in chemistry preferred. Full ad here.

There's also a contract laboratory assistant position available. Best wishes to those interested. 


  1. MS degree for $50k in SF area? Come on.

    1. And it says "experienced", not "fresh out of school".

    2. Is it even possible to live in SF on 50k?

  2. At least that outfit pays better than Google. By 2022 they will require that their contractors are paid at least 15 dollars/h. How do you live on 30 kUSD in Mountain View?


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