Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Atlanta teen suffers third degree burns from ethanol fire in classroom

...Malachi McFadden was severely burned Tuesday during a fire in his chemistry class at Redan High School in Stone Mountain, previously reported. 
"He’s still in intensive care," attorney Chris Stewart told Channel 2 Action News. “It’s a really bad situation.” McFadden’s family hired Stewart to represent them after they could not get information about the incident from the school, the news station reported.  
The fire happened on the second day of classes in DeKalb County. The teen’s teacher reportedly conducted an experiment by lighting a dollar bill on fire. "The fire went out of control as expected because there was ethanol in the bowl," Stewart told Channel 2. "And instead of putting water on it to put it out, allegedly the teacher grabbed a jar of ethanol and threw it into the bowl." 
It is unclear how long the teacher has worked at the school. 
Looks like it's third degree burns. Yet another case of:
  • fire
  • alcohol being added to the flames
  • from a bulk alcohol container with
  • students being too close 
I guess we've learned that 1) news of the Yanes settlement hasn't traveled fast enough, and 2) the $59 million verdict still isn't enough to get school districts, principals and teachers to consider chemical safety in their day-to-day activities...

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  1. Its going to be up to the teachers to desist from this, but its hard to overcome curiosity. Administrators wont do anything about it, they are too busy or irresponsible or lazy. Most authority in schools high school on up is inept to some degree.

    Interesting he threw ethanol on ethanol. He may have gotten confused and though it was water.


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