Friday, September 27, 2019

11 rejected Division of Organic Chemistry slogans

The Division of Organic Chemistry is running a slogan contest, with some pretty impressive rewards for the winner. Here are a few that probably won't win:
  1. The National Organic Symposium Isn't Going to Run Itself
  2. If It Ain't Synthesis, It Ain't S---
  3. We'll Bring Back Organic Syntheses in Print
  4. Our Logo is Lamer than Your Division's Logo
  5. Organic Chemistry Rulez!
  6. The best use of $15 you could imagine
  7. Real Chemists Make C-C Bonds
  8. The Biggest Division in the World's Largest Scientific Society, And Maybe That Matters
  9. A Severance Package Is In Your Future
  10. Yes, We're Still Doing Total Synthesis, Derek
  11. Torturing Pre-Meds Since 1910
Entry deadline October 7. Have a great weekend! 


  1. 12. Saving more lives from rejecting poor pre-med candidates than anything else imaginable.

  2. Yes, We're Still Doing Total Synthesis, Derek


  3. Trying In Vain to Show That "Organic" Isn't Just a Meaningless Label for Expensive Food.

  4. I don't know, I'd totally get behind bringing back Org Syn in print. Getting that in the mail was a joyous day. Dark times when they canceled. I haven't read it since...

    1. I miss the blue books of abstracts/titles for the ACS meetings. I am really annoyed that they (the ACS, not the Organic Division) don't have the on-site programs at all now. I don't want a $%$^*( app for everything.

    2. neither in PDF or paper.

  5. Re slogan 11. Be cautious. Just tell your doctor you're a chemist, especially before a prostate exam.

  6. As for #11, my small undergrad-only undergrad chemistry department asked us for written feedback on the program right before we graduated. I recall making a comment that the biology department needs to get serious about doing their own weeding-out rather than making us the bad guys. I didn't realize at the time that o-chem was a standard weedout course for bio and pre-med departments everywhere!

  7. We Don't Provide Jobs, Only Advice


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