Thursday, February 20, 2020

Job posting: PhD analytical chemist, FutureFuel, Batesville, AR

From the inbox:
PhD Level Analytical Chemist (Chromatography) 
FutureFuel Chemical Company, formerly Eastman Chemical Company in Batesville, is looking for a new member for its Chemical Technology Team.  The primary responsibilities of the position are to provide analytical services to support new business opportunities, chemical development projects, manufacturing process improvement, and production troubleshooting.  The qualified individual will develop new analytical methods, improve existing methods, ensure the accuracy, precision, and robustness of instruments/methods, and communicate routinely with manufacturing and other personnel. The expectations also include supporting the implementation of and compliance with laboratory quality systems/standards; ISO, BQ9000, and others.  The documentation of work in the form of internal technical reports will be a critical part of the job. 
  • PhD degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry, emphasis on analytical chemistry preferred
  • Strong understanding and comprehension of analytical chemistry
  • Working knowledge of  GC, LC, IC, and other chromatographic techniques
  • Preferably five or more years experience as a bench chemist in analytical chemistry
Entire ad here. Best wishes to those interested. 

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