Monday, March 16, 2020

Closets full of toilet paper

...Major retailers say toilet paper hasn’t been out of stock in stores for more than a day or two, or even a few hours. Manufacturers, paper industry executives say, are raising production to meet demand, but there is only so much capacity that they can or are willing to add... 
...“You are not using more of it. You are just filling up your closet with it,” said Jeff Anderson, president of Precision Paper Converters, a paper product manufacturer with 65 employees outside Green Bay, Wis. “What happens in the summer when demand dries up and people have all this extra product in their homes?” 
Mr. Anderson’s business focuses on facial tissues, which are also in high demand, and he is paying employees overtime to work longer shifts. “We can’t make as much as they want right now,” he said...
Well, I hope that Mr. Anderson is correct, and this (waves hands around) is over by then. I suspect that he is 100% correct that the toilet paper isn't going to do people much good, and it's just drawing demand forward from the rest of the year.  

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