Monday, July 6, 2020

Layoffs news: Sanofi, UT-San Antonio

On June 25, Reuters reported that Sanofi was planning restructuring, including cutting 1000 jobs in France: 
The reorganisation could involve several European countries and possibly others outside the region, as well as all the divisions of Sanofi except the vaccines and rare diseases unit Genzyme, the sources said. 
Three sources said around 1,000 jobs in France were at risk. One of the sources said the cuts would take place over a three-year period, with no forced redundancies.
The University of Texas at San Antonio notified 312 employees Wednesday that their positions were being eliminated to help close a $36 million budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus pandemic’s damage to state finances. 
The losses included one-tenth of the university’s non-tenured faculty, ranging across all academic departments.
Best wishes to them, and all of us. 


  1. In academia, its always the people with crappier jobs (low pay, no job security) that lose them first.

  2. Who's going to teach the classes the people they fired were teaching? The tenured people might be able to go elsewhere, so assuming you can put the extra work on them might be optimistic. They must be assuming either they'll be able to rehire similar people for less or that students won't complain when they either can't get classes to graduate or the classes they need are overwhelmed. I don't know where else they can cut, but this seems like it is not going to work the way they planned.

    1. The state I work in has removed some tenure protections so hopefully the tenured faculty will be pressured to take up the slack of more teaching. Seems only fair if the non-tenured lowered paid people are losing their jobs, to allow spreading of the suffering. I think in the end the administrators will do nothing more.

  3. I don't know...I imagine that's more likely to make them spend the time fixing their resumes to go elsewhere (re: Wisconsin). If the market is going to cave badly enough for that not to be an incentive, then I think academia will have lots more problems to deal with.

  4. Caution, rumor: tenured faculty with unspecified departments at Yale are now beginning to worry about their jobs.


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