Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Wednesday poem: Chemistry Anonymous, Claire Burch


The chemistry of war is hard to know. 
Mysterious. I never saw it grow. 
I only saw its dark results one morning, 
there is a lot to learn
I am learning

The chemistry of war makes fun of others, 
it curls white tired lips and shouts dry anger
to the small chemistry of low and hunger
and the mock turtle fiction that men are brothers.

"Nothing is lost but that it shall be found, nothing is crumpled but that it shall rise." 
All false. 
Go find small comfort in the ground
or in a greater chemistry! He dies 
who does not whisper laughter and does not see, 
and has no hands to touch, no feet to walk. 

There is no mystery but that of wrong
on the long shadowed beaches 
of the young. 

Claire Burch

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