Friday, September 10, 2021

Job posting: organic chemist, Beyond Meat, El Segundo, CA

From the inbox, this position: 

The Organic Chemist will use scientific principles and expertise, and a broad range of advanced technologies and industrial tools for achieving company goals. This successful, self-motivated, creative, and results-oriented individual will lead in their area of expertise to utilize cutting-edge chemistry  methods and techniques in the development of innovative food products and processes. The Organic Chemist will have a keen understanding of the field and extensive hands-on research experience with proven ability to think beyond standard methods, independently conduct research and reach conclusions, and clearly deliver results within a matrix organization.


  • Utilize cutting-edge chemistry methods and techniques to design and develop functional food ingredients, molecular systems for food, and innovative products
  • Conduct natural products isolation, compound characterization and validation, as well as develop new or optimized approaches to natural products discovery
  • Characterize chemical processes and systems in detail, and develop chemistry to effect control over such processes and systems
  • Synthesize known and previously unknown compounds at small scale and scale-up quantities, including support for chemical process development at scale


  • Ph.D. in organic chemistry, with extensive experience in organic synthesis and mechanism, analytical methods, and physical organic chemistry. Minimum 5-year experience in academic or industrial chemistry research
  • Post-doctoral experience is desired, but not required
  • Prior experience with natural products chemistry, protein chemistry, lipid chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and organic reaction chemistry
Link here. Best wishes to those interested. 

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  1. It's always interesting to see job postings like this remain open for a while. I fit the qualifications and applied several times to this position and never heard back.


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