Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Sulfur-containing lubricant odor triggers lawsuit

Via Philadelphia's NBC station, this smelly news: 

As the rotten egg smell caused by a chemical release continues to waft in parts of South Jersey, a lawsuit has been filed against the trucking company and maker of the chemical causing the stench and a town hall is planned to address residents' concerns.

A woman filed the suit against TransChem USA and the Lubrizol Corporation Monday in U.S. District Court in Texas. Gina Slavin-Borgesi's suit on behalf of herself and a minor. The suit seeks $1 million in damages.

The chemical leak that caused a rotten smell to stink up parts of South Jersey and downwind from a truck stop off Interstate 295 was eventually contained last Thursday. But the smell has lingered for days.

On Tuesday morning, the smell was still present intermittently in South Jersey, particularly around the truck stop off Interstate 295 where the leak occurred last week.

..."The chemical, Lubrizol-1389 (Zinc alkyldithiophosphate), expels a nuisance odor that may linger for some time," officials in nearby Camden County said in a news release Thursday. "However, Haz-Mat Technicians have monitored and tested the air quality of the immediate incident scene as well as all surrounding areas that have experienced the odor. The results of the testing have confirmed that there is no risk to the public."

I can't imagine this stuff (especially 7000 pounds of it) smells good? I wonder if the smell is normal, or if someone forgot to tighten all the valves on the truck...

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