Friday, April 25, 2014

Your "STEM is TE" quote of the day

Those of you who follow media coverage of the labor market are going to hear a lot about the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce's new report on the online job openings market. They're working with Burning Glass Technologies, a company whose work I've covered (rather skeptically) before. But here's the key paragraph that I read in their full report (emphasis mine):
STEM occupations account for 28 percent of online college job ads, even though they are only 11 percent of college jobs in the United States. STEM occupations are the second most in-demand occupational cluster for college graduates. Two-thirds of STEM job ads require a BA and 11 percent require an advanced degree. Roughly three out of four STEM online job ads are for IT occupations; the rest are mostly for engineers and architects. Another 6 percent of job ads in the STEM cluster are for life/physical science occupations.
It's yet further proof (confirmation bias alert!) that "STEM" is really about "TE." (6%! Think on that!)

(If you read further on in the report, they talk about the 2nd quarter of 2013, where there were supposedly 4,400 online ads for chemists. Bluntly put, I don't believe it.) 


  1. If they're able to dig out 4400 job postings per quarter, they should start an online job board to share all of them. It would be the definitive go-to source for chemjobs, bar none. C&EN watch out!!

  2. Anyone who claims about STEM shortage atleast in chemistry is a pure a*****e and a b*****d. It includes professors too.