Monday, June 1, 2020

Stories from the job front

Via The New York Times, a readout of the job market for experienced people: 
Craig Stacey was vice president of marketing at McKesson, the health care company, until he was let go last September amid a reorganization. He immediately began searching for a new job, and said he was a finalist for several senior marketing roles. 
“Silver and bronze medals are good in the Olympics, but not in the job market,” said Mr. Stacey, 52, of Minneapolis. 
He started interviewing for two jobs in early March. After the virus hit, one company told him it was suspending the search; the other simply stopped communicating with him. 
“I was ghosted,” he said.
Here's a (dubious) approach to the issue:
Ms. Nazem recently joined a 14-week “virtual networking and development cohort” called the Grand Quest. For $1,200, she will join biweekly Zoom meetings with other job seekers who are looking to identify their career goals and pursue new opportunities. 
The hope, she said, was that the group would provide “an opportunity to join a supportive community that understands career transitions for entrepreneurs while facing these unprecedented challenges.”
Best wishes to them, and to all of us.

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  1. I used to take part in the ACS run jobs club which was basically this, minus the $1200 bit. Its not a bad resource


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