Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Chemical Engineering Faculty Jobs List: 6 positions

The Chemical Engineering Faculty Jobs List has 6 positions. It is curated by Lilian Josephson (@lljosephson), who says:
The new cycle has begun for the chem e's! This year we will try to utilize the list further by circulating among the professors, as well as using the hashtags #facultychemEjobs and #MeettheCandidatesChE2020.
 This post will serve as the open thread for this year's search. 


  1. Thank you, CJ and Lilian, for maintaining this list; you are saints. A quick accessibility comment -- the fact that you've frozen so many rows of cells makes it nearly impossible to read this spreadsheet on smaller screens. Maybe consider unfreezing the cells? Thanks!

    1. I made some changes - hopefully that helps!

  2. Could anyone share how it works for recruitment in AlChE annual meeting?


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