Friday, May 8, 2009

"How about never? Is never good for you?"

As people can see, the April poll question drew pretty pessimistic responses. The results below:

Poll question: When will the job market for chemists recover? 
Summer 2009: 7% (the optimist!)
Fall/Winter 2009: 23%
Spring/Summer 2010: 0%
Fall/Winter 2010: 0%
2011: 7%
Never: 61%

Holy jiminy -- never? Gee, I'd like to think that's wrong. For what it's worth, I predict that chemical employment will recover past its peak in late 2010. But that's just me. New poll coming -- and yes, I will get back to covering the job market. But while all of the chemical safety iron is hot, I'm darn well going to strike.

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  1. Never is looking pretty accurate a year later.


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