Tuesday, May 26, 2009


- Here are two documents describing proper use of pyrophoric reagents, t-butyllithium among them. The first is the SOP for UC Davis. The 2nd is a document written by Russ Phifer, who is a noted safety expert and has been quoted in a number of articles on the UCLA / Sheri Sangji case. Note that Mr. Phifer recommends cannulation for quantities of pyrophorics above 50 mL.

- Just in case there's anyone who missed it: TMS-diazomethane is a serious inhalation hazard. Two chemists, Roland Daigle and Jason Siddell, have died in the past two years from inhaling the compound. Use extreme caution with this compound and make sure your hood is well-ventilated. Read more at Derek Lowe's blog here and here.

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  1. don't forget Aldrich's Bulletin on handling air-sensitive reagents.



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