Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kelly Scientific Resources: utter disrespect for ACS members

I've been giving Kelly Scientific Resources' entries in the ACS Careers database a lot of crap, but I think it's worth it. The job database is a prime resource for ACS members; certainly, I valued it when I was looking for a position! It strikes me as rather disrespectful of KSR to continually post entries that are (at best) tangentially related to chemistry, such as "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine", "Facilities Engineer" and a position that suggested "RN License preferred."

Even more disrespectful are the obvious cut-and-paste jobs that are done for the ACS database. Entire job ads are shoved into the box without any thought for formatting and positions are posted with obvious typographical errors. I have reproduced one of them below and marked them helpfully (and traditionally) with a [sic].

Kelly Scientific Resources, a premier global scientific staffing company, is currently recruiting enthusiastic candidates for a long-term contract positon [sic] as a Regulatory Specialist, in the St. Louis, MO area. The ideal candidate for this regulatory positon [sic] requies [sic] experience with the WERCS Database System and with MSDS generation.
That's some positon!

As this is supposed to be a quantitative blog, I've counted the last 50 positions posted by KSR (beginning with the last position marked July 28) on the ACS database and looked at their job requirements. To quote an ACS membership application, a full member is someone who has a degree or certification in the chemical or related sciences. The 50 positions break down as follows:

H.S. diploma only: 3
A.A. required: 2
B.S. in chemistry: 15
M.S. in chemistry: 2
Ph.D. in chemistry: 1

Other (i.e. no degree specified, degree in biology, "life sciences", oenology, etc.): 27

Over 50% of the last 50 positions posted by KSR are, in my opinion, unrelated to chemists or chemistry. Is ACS paying these people money? I certainly hope not. Additionally, if ACS is receiving money for this, is this onslaught of job spam worth wading through?

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for reading this far.

UPDATE: In the comments, Sam of EverydayScientist has a great idea: "just filter your RSS feed to exclude "kelly" from the list (using Yahoo! Pipes or the like)."


  1. agreed. the KSR postings are many and annoying. really, KSR is a recruiting company exploiting ACS Careers to do their recruiting. but if people are finding jobs via that route, i can't really complain. just filter your RSS feed to exclude "kelly" from the list (using Yahoo! Pipes or the like).

  2. Re: finding a job -- I agree -- if people do find positions through KSR, more power to them. Full stomachs are a good thing. It just bothers me that they're being obviously lazy.

    P.S. Thanks for reading!

  3. And by "they", I obviously mean KSR, not the extraordinarily hard-workin' chemists of the ACS.

  4. Me again (anon 12:17pm 2009-07-22).

    Seems someone is listening to your concerns, I can't seem to access the jobs you moan about above! ;) Is it worth being a member of the ACS, do you think - I am already an associate member of the RSC, as this seemed more logical to the Brit in me, but I note that many of my ex-colleagues are ACS members either as well, or instead of the RSC.


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