Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily/Weekly Pump Trap: 7/28/10

Good morning! Between July 14 and July 27, there were 90 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of those, 25 (28%) are academically connected and 1 is from our friends at Kelly Scientific Resources.

Want an academic career: ...that's not? The Washington University Department of Chemistry is looking for an administrative officer; a Ph.D. in chemistry is desired. Probably a nice job for a former PFE employee...

Awesome: Look, this is an awesome job for someone. Dugway Proving Ground (through Jacobs Technology) is looking for a M.S. analytical chemist to perform GC- and LC/MS on chemical warfare agents and their degradants. One of you has got to apply for this thing.

As he was saying: PPG Industries is looking for Ph.D. organic/polymer chemists; 0-2 years of experience is desired.

As I was saying: GE is looking for a Ph.D. electrochemist with experience in organic and materials chemistry for advanced battery technology.

Be Barry's boss: The Scripps Research Institute is looking for a president; you just need to have "national and international reputation as a scientist in any of the key TSRI disciplines such as structural biology, chemistry, cell biology, etc." and "a record of progressively responsible management of programs of considerable scale and complexity." Looks like you'd be Bill Roush's boss, too.

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  1. So does it count if I already applied for a similar position at Dugway a few months ago?

    I never heard back, but there is something oddly appealing about a job that involves driving nearly 100 miles into the desert, the last of it along Skull Valley Road (no kidding), to work on classified government research involving chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.


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