Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Pump Trap: 9/28/10 edition

Good morning! Between September 23 and September 27, there were 60 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 36 (60%) were academically connected.

Hmmm: Pfizer desires a Ph.D. chemist with experience in organic chemistry and/or bioconjugation chemistry to work in their vaccine development division at the Pearl River, NY facility. [Insert Wyeth crack here.]

Ink!: Z Corporation (sounds like a movie, doesn't it?) wishes a senior chemist to perform and direct research on inkjet technology. Experience with coatings and inks desired.

Do you get Cubs tickets, too?: The Wrigley Company desires a rheologist with a "MS or Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Physical Polymer Chemistry or related areas with a strong emphasis in hands on rheological method development, characterization, analysis, and interpretation." Here's an interesting statement from them: "Today we lack the core competence in this critical area of science and this position will lead building a rheology centre of excellence that is key to delivering strategic initiatives." Wow -- uh, good luck with that.

Armorer wanted (sort of): The Armament R&D and Engineering Center at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ wishes an analytical chemist (advanced degree desired) to set up and run an analytical chemistry lab. Looks like a pretty interesting (if not very detailed) position.

Startup corner: NanOasis Inc. is a company that is working towards membrane technology for purification purposes. They desire a M.S./Ph.D. synthetic chemist with at least 4 years of experience; looks like polymer characterization experience may be desired.

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  1. I interviewed at Wrigley 5 years ago for a similar job. They turned me down. They have a nice facility in the Goose Island area of Chicago, just north of downtown.


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