Monday, September 20, 2010

GIVE ME MY COFFEE! said the trapped PhD scientist

From the struggle between the trapped Chilean miners and the psychologists who are taking care of them:
After weeks of demands, the miners are now focusing on a few precious requirements - they want daily letters from their families and wine to celebrate Chile's Independence Day today, particularly noteworthy this year as Chile celebrates its bicentennial.

While NASA experts brought to Chile as advisers have recommended sending the wines and withholding the cigarettes, the Chileans have done the opposite, saying the miners have nearly two kilometres of ventilated tunnels to smoke a cigarette and relax (as opposed to the confinement of space travel) while further noting the average miner consumes large quantities of alcohol.

''These are not PhD scientists, they are rough and tumble miners,'' said one doctor who asked not to be quoted for fears of losing his post.
If I were, say, a Ph.D. scientist and I were trapped in a dark, dank place (like a mine, or a lab), and someone was withholding needed stimulants (cigarettes, alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, nicotine) from me, I'd be pretty upset. Just sayin'. Oh, and by the way, anonymous doctor, I think grad school teaches you to drink like a miner pretty well.

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