Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Pump Trap: 11/2/10 edition

Good morning! Between October 28 and November 1, there were 141 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 28 (20%) were academically connected and 1 was from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Wow, temps: While Kelly was more or less dormant, a bunch of other staffing agencies were big publishers of positions this week. Prymus had 1, Aerotek had 5 and the Ropella Group weighed in with 25 new positions.

FOB labs: Ideal Innovations, Inc. apparently works with DoD to supply scientists to bases in Afghanistan. They desire (among other positions) B.S. chemists to run analytical tests on IEDs.

You'd get to try 'chicken rice': Lonza's plant in Singapore wishes a Ph.D. scientist to help run their bioreactors; interesting?

NREL: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is searching for new Ph.D. chemists for 21 postdoctoral positions in alternative energy research.

Lundbeck: Lundbeck's US branch in New Jersey is seeking experienced Ph.D. medicinal chemists.

Virtual career fair: Today, here.


  1. @Chemjobber: Your Lunkbeck hyperlink leads to the Wikipedia article on Hainanese Chicken Rice, which I adore. I wouldn't be too enthusiastic about Lundbeck though (see the story below):


    Anyway, nothing like the pimps and human traffickers at the temp agencies coming to the rescue!


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