Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"I need to get back in the lab"

Thanks to James for the inspiration.


  1. Wow Chemjobber, you actually got to SIT in front of your fume hood?! Workstools, even the uncomfortable shakey ones, were a rare item in my underfunded group. Ahh, nothing like being on your feet almost continuously for 10 hours. Fortunately, my stint as a line cook provided adequate training. Plus, it's easier to stand when you can walk around, e.g., to NMR room, stockroom, etc.

    P.S.--What is your preferred column-fraction-collecting stance? Hunching didn't seem ergonomically appropriate to me.

  2. Don't worry, the stools hardly provide any relief, you still have to hunch awkwardly to reach anything in the hood and you end up standing up anyways do to a lot of stuff because your reactions often require you to be mobile.

    Incidentally, I've developed back problems recently from all the hunching I do all day. The lab here seems to have been designed for people much shorter than me.


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