Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daily Pump Trap: 12/16/10 edition

Good morning! Between December 7 and December 15, there are 79 new positions posted on the ACS Careers database; of these, 38 (48%) are academically connected.

Greenville, SC: GTI Solutions is looking for an experienced Ph.D. polymer/organic chemist to be the "Head Chemist"; gotta like that title.

Ann Arbor, MI: ADCO Corporation is looking for a brand new B.S. chemist with some experience in polymer chemistry/testing and rheology. Over to you, John!

And a green job!: ADCO's also looking for an experienced Ph.D. materials scientist to apply their knowledge to sealants for alternative energy and green buildings. Huh.

Pleasanton, CA: QuantaLife is looking for a Ph.D. organic chemist with 3+ years experience in synthesizing libraries of surfactants. Dude, I'm going to guess that there are less than 200 people in the country with this skill set. Maybe I'm crazy.

Suffolk, NY: Avon calling! They're looking for a Ph.D. analytical chemist -- doubtless, there's a biologist next door hammering their excipients into the eyes of cute bunnies. (Kidding! Kidding!)

BMS: You know, I'm noticing them sending out regular feelers for the development side; I should look into this more. But it's about a posting a week or so.

Little lost lamb: The Stowers Institute for Medical Research is looking for undergraduates to do REU-type internships. And you're here because...

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