Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daily Pump Trap: 12/30/10 edition

Good morning! Between December 28 and December 29, there was 1 (one) position on the ACS Careers website. It is not an academic position.

Clorox!: The Clorox Company is looking for Ph.D. analytical chemists; sounds like a great position. Best of luck, folks.

A broader look: On, there are 75 entries for the search term "chemist." They always seem to be working for folks like "Air Force Materiel Command", "Navy Field Office" and my personal favorite, the Defense Intelligence Agency. Best of luck, folks (and I don't doubt these are fascinating positions.) I will say this: navigating federal job postings are like learning a different language -- in English.


  1. Be careful - many of the USAF and USN jobs advertised on are just "fishing expeditions", i.e resume collection exercises !! Read the job descriptions provided very carefully before investing the time to jump through their hoops. As well, many fed agencies now have hiring freezes.....

  2. Do not waste your time with Govt jobs are placed through a 'who you know' type of network akin to what you see in placing academic positions.

    Only way in otherwise it through a govt post-doc (if you can get one).


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